Dimitris Siskopoulos is my name and i create websites (custom web development and web design). δημιουργία σελίδων, ανάπτυξη ιστοτόπων, σχεδιασμός ιστοσελίδων
Hello, my name is Dimitris Siskopoulos and i create dynamic websites from scratch. I am a ColdFusion developer with 20+ years experience in web development and web design and since 1992 experience in the field of computer programming overall. I live and work in my hometown Alexandroupoli - Greece. I am currently employed full time at weblogic, as a Coldfusion developer and web designer. Currently available for remote work

  • Information site for Thrace
  • Portal site for Rodopi region
  • Information site of Evros - Maritsa common tourist area
  • Portal site of Metaxades - Evros
  • Portal site of Vyssa - Evros
  • Feakes - Corfu Municipality portal
  • Samothrace island portal

Mini portfolio (active sites only) - overall portfolio consist of more than 700 websites:

Some of HotelCMS sites i've been working on last period:

Personal domains (under development):

Now working on:

  • Custom Theme, various side projects, etourCMS, custom PHP CMS, etour frontend travel portal sites, Digi Lodge Hotel sites & Custom internal project for employee time tracking, empoloyee leaves, invoicing and offers, incomes and outcome, products etc.

Some of my articles in Greek language with Babelfish translations Babelfish